Student & tutor testimonials

Students and tutors enthusiastically reacted to the Loops program, particularly appreciating the opportunity to focus on UN SDGs in a business school and learn new systems thinking tools to tackle them.


I appreciate that the school pushed us to work on one of the UN SDGs. I would even say that I am proud that my school is involved and involves us in major issues that concern us all, directly or indirectly,

Anonymous student

The theme of the SDGs as well as the MOOC on complex systems are an interesting group exercise and change from the issues usually addressed in business school.

Anonymous student

I thought I was still facing yet another group project, but I must admit that systems thinking and the reflection required behind it were a pleasant surprise. In addition, the choice of the SDGs was very stimulating and allows us to work on concrete elements, not without meaning.

Anonymous student

The proposed method of reflection seems important to be able to address any complex problem in the future.

Anonymous student

I realize that my way of thinking has already evolved after these two weeks of reflection!

Anonymous student

Working on complex systems is really topical and complements the skills I acquired during my studies at TBS.

Fatima B.

Loops allowed us to learn to think and think differently. In business school and in business, our reflections are often far too analytical, which prevents us from thinking globally. I strongly feel that Loops was a real opportunity for me, both for my professional and personal life. it has already allowed me to enrich my thinking on many problems and has changed the way I think and discuss the crisis we are currently going through for example.

Anonymous student


Cameron’s MOOC and the decision to apply it to sustainable development issues constituted the most virtuous educational combination possible, 100% in line with TBS’s CSR commitment! LOOPS provided students with a methodology allowing them to tackle the problems in all their dimensions and to carry out an in-depth reflection on the links between cause and effect.
Better understanding complexity, working remotely in an imposed team, taking ownership of sustainable development issues are three of the program’s major contributions.

Rebecca, Professor of Marketing

Reactions on social media

A fantastic online pedagogical innovation from TBS Education: learning to manage complexity to meet major contemporary challenges! A fantastic challenge for our students! Congratulations to Cameron and Elisabeth and to the whole team of teacher-tutors!

Marie Boitier, Associate Dean for Faculty at TBS Education

An awesome educational experience 100% online and in project mode! Congratulations to Elisabeth and Cameron for setting up and leading this educational project dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations! And congratulations to the students currently mobilized on this project for two consecutive weeks!

Pascale Bueno Merino, Director of Research at TBS Education