A little history

About Loops

2012 : systems thinking at TBS

Systems thinking classes were first proposed as a core class at Toulouse Business School (TBS) in 2012. They later inspired the “Thinking Complexity” MOOC on iversity.org in 2016, run by lead instructor Cameron Guthrie.

2020 : a focus on UN SDGs

Cameron Guthrie (Professor in Decision Sciences) and Elisabeth Bertrand-Dausset (Professor in Marketing) created Loops in 2020 to provide students with the thinking tools to tackle complex problems of sustainability by identifying root causes and systemic effects.

April 2020 : 49 teams, 13 SDGs

In April 2020, 294 students worked in 49 online teams over ten days on topics across thirteen SDGs such as biodiversity loss, domestic violence, homelessness, and zoonotic pandemics. Students and tutors welcomed the program.

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learning outcomes

Labellisation (FNEGE)

Loops was certified in June 2021 by the French national foundation for business management education (FNEGE) as a quality “pedagogical project for the digital age”. The jury awarded the FNEGE …

Learning metrics

Groups worked on a wide variety of issues ranging from the fall in bee populations to the rapid increase in the number of emerging infectious diseases. Thirteen UN SDGs were …

Student & tutor testimonials

Students and tutors enthusiastically reacted to the Loops program, particularly appreciating the opportunity to focus on UN SDGs in a business school and learn new systems thinking tools to tackle …

A final video celebration :)

Students participated in the production of a video (in French) celebrating two-weeks of teamwork addressing complex issues of sustainability … on a lighter note 🙂